Name: Chris Serson aka Traagen
Occupation: Unemployed programmer
Location: Victoria BC, Canada
Email: traagen@thedemonthrone.ca
Interests: Graphics and game programming; procedural content generation; D&D and other role-playing games; ancient history, literature, and mythology.

My Goals with this website:
I finished my degree in Computer Science about 12 years ago and have never worked a day in industry writing software, nor have I managed to create a portfolio to show potential employers. As such, when it comes to working as a programmer or software engineer, I find myself essentially unemployable.

I intend to use this blog to pursue programming projects that interest me, which means most will have something to do with graphics and/or games.

My optimistic goal would be to eventually transition to actually making games I could sell for enough money to remain independent. My more pragmatic goal is to build a portfolio that (hopefully) proves I have a reasonable level of competency, which I can then use to entice potential employers.

Constructive criticism1 is always welcome.